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    Multi Asset Growth Roadshow 2016

    Join Baillie Gifford at one of a series of roadshows in June to find out more about the new Baillie Gifford Multi Asset Growth Fund.

    The fund aims to deliver attractive returns over the long term, but with lower volatility than investors experience in equity markets and offers exposure to a wide range of asset classes within a carefully constructed portfolio that is not overly reliant on one asset class. It targets returns of 3.5% per annum over UK Base Rates, net of fees, annualised over rolling five year periods, with annualised volatility of less than 10%.

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  • Multi-Manager Forum

    Q&A Roadshow 2016

    Register for a place at one of many venues for Schroders' Q&A Roadshow for your opportunity to gain the latest insights direct from our investment team.

    Leading fund managers – including James Sym, Alex Breese and Paul Marriage – have been lined up to give ther latest views on markets and tackle any questions you might have.

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  • Multi-Manager Forum

    Learning Matters 'Majoring on the Macro'

    As macro-economic factors continue to contribute to and influence asset class returns, the need to understand, interpret and translate the possible effects into suitable client investment portfolios is ever present.

    To that end, M&G Investments have established a biannual round of nationwide workshops with the exclusive aim of providing timely, educational and product free global macro views. These will also be delivered in conjunction with other relevant topics.

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  • Invesco Perpetual Investment Intelligence

    Invesco Pereptual 
    Investment Intelligence Seminars

    After a volatile start to the year in most asset classes, we will look at the key drivers behind this and consider whether the outlook for the global economy and financial markets has changed.

    A lot of the macro-economic headlines over the past year have been dominated by emerging markets. Has this attention been justified? To answer this we will look at the importance of emerging markets to the global economy.

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Investec: 2016 Investment Views from Investec Asset management

Our Multi-Asset team share their five key investment themes for the year ahead. Plus investment professionals from our equity, fixed-income and alternative investment teams provide their 2016 outlooks for their individual strategies.

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BNY Mellon - Argentinian sovereign debt: oversubscribed and overrated? We feel the market’s response to the Argentinian sovereign debt offer has perhaps been somewhat overenthusiastic. While we applaud the achievements made thus far, Argentina remains...

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Barings- Dynamic approach key to navigating volatile markets -

We increased our cash holdings during the summer’s volatility and tactically redeployed capital into developed market equities at more attractive valuations when market weakness subsided.

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AXA IM - The search for growth stocks

It is important to remember that successful investments in growth stocks require an appropriate time horizon. We suggest an investment horizon of at least three to five years as this improves the chances of the company fundamentals being reflected in its valuation.

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