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Sector strategy

Gill Hutchison"The EU referendum really began to wield its influence upon investors’ thoughts from January onwards. Many managers began to ease their way out of domestically-focused stocks, in the process taking advantage of a relatively strong period for these during 2015."

In her latest column for Adviser-Hub, "UK equities: back to school and a return to “normality”", Gill Hutchison, head of investment research at City Financial and The Adviser Centre, looks back at the post-Brexit trance.

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Fund Watch

Potter & Burdett"The fourth quarter of 2015 saw significant volatility, particularly in December where the positive overall returns masked a significant drawdown mid-way through the month. Gyrations at year-end are nothing new although we could be in for an interesting time if the trends that have persisted in value outperforming growth in the world of equities and muted defaults in bonds break down providing a fresh challenge to investors ..." Read more

Gary Potter, left, and Rob Burdett, co-heads of BMO Global Asset Management's multi-manager team, analyse the previous quarter's developments in the world of open-ended funds ...

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RSMR on funds

Rated Fund logo, Rayner Spencer Mills Research (RSMR) CompanyAccess in-depth research from Rayner Spencer Mills Research on selected funds and multi-manager ranges. Current featured funds and ranges on Adviser-Hub are:

Baillie Gifford Managed
F&C MM Lifestyle Funds
M&G Episode Multi Asset Funds


Clive Hale on investment strategy

Clive Hale“Now the debate focuses on the UK. Does the EU need us and do we need the EU? It would be a huge blow for the EU were we to leave, but they will no doubt continue on their cozy (crazy?) path to eventual currency oblivion and the UK will do very well thank you very much, watching from the other side of the Channel."

In his latest column for Adviser-Hub - Brexit – where do you stand? - FundCalibre director Clive Hale suggests that Europe has over-reached itself and the UK should consider parting ways.

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RSMR on investment funds

Smart Beta: Historical Factor Performance

Chris Riley

One issue with the smart beta concept is the sheer number of products available in the market place. For some clients a multi-factor product will be a good option, providing exposure to multiple factors in a diversified portfolio. Other clients will be interested in gaining exposure to specific factors, such as low volatility or high quality. For these clients, it would be useful to provide some insight into the historical returns of each factor. 

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Passive investing

“For the passive investor, the highs and lows represent the normal moves of the market and one can take comfort from the fact that, even after devastating falls of the past, the equity market has always subsequently rallied to new highs …"

In his latest column on passive investing, Chris Riley, investment research manager at RSMR, argues that, despite a testing start to the year for investors, recent market movements are not particularly out of line with historical experience

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Investment trusts

“The economies in Asia are in the process of liberalising themselves and playing catch-up with the West. On the whole, it is likely to be easier to find companies that can expand and generate strong long-term returns for shareholders in this region and we would highlight two trusts that have exposure to Asia and would be difficult for advisers to replicate using funds in the open-ended universe  …”

In his latest column for Adviser-Hub, Pacific heights, Chris Riley, investment research manager at RSMR, looks at how investors and their advisers can use investment trusts to help unlock value in Asia over the longer term

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Asset allocation

Steven AndrewWhat's all this fuss about a recession? When commentators are ignoring good data and overemphasising the negative, says M&G Episode Income fund manager Steven Andrew, it should serve to embolden those who see opportunity in recent price falls 


Marcus Brookes

Where are the opportunities and risks? Schroders fund managers, including Marcus Brookes (pictured), Matthew Dobbs and Nick Kirrage, exchange views on opportunities in markets around the world

Pierre SarrauHeightened uncertainty: BlackRock trio Pierre Sarrau (pictured), deputy chief investment officer, multi-asset strategies, Adam Ryan, head of diversified strategies, and Sara Morgan, managing director, diversified strategies, offer their views on current trends in multi-asset investing 

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