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Morningstar Tools

BlackRock is delighted to offer you complimentary access to a range of portfolio analysis tools brought to you in conjunction with Morningstar, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality investor information.
To start using these tools you need to register at BlackRock's website.

Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray

Portfolio X-Ray is a sophisticated analytical tool that provides an instant assessment of how your portfolio is diversified by region, sector and investment style.

Morningstar Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager gives you the opportunity to create, save and edit multiple portfolios. Once stored, you can conduct analysis on these portfolios using other tools such as Morningstar X-Ray or the Morningstar Portfolio Comparison.

Morningstar Portfolio Comparison

Portfolio Comparison allows you to compare two portfolios side-by-side across multiple data points such as region, sector, investment style, key statistics and performance indicators.

Morningstar Fund Screen

Morningstar fund screen enables you to filter the fund universe by keyword, currency, universe and sector to find the best funds for your research.

Morningstar Fund Comparison

Morningstar fund compare gives you line by line comparison of key statistics and performance indicators for up to five ETFs, open-ended funds and investment trusts.

Morningstar Interactive Chart

Morningstar’s real-time interactive chart allows you to create charts, do technical analysis and view intra-day quotes for any ETF, index, open-ended fund or investment trust.

Three investing themes for the second quarter

Global chief investment strategist Richard Turnill shares three interrelated themes that are likely to shape investing this quarter... 


Discover the BlackRock Investment Institute

Keeping our portfolio managers connected and keeping you on the cutting edge of investment thinking. Read our latest insights.


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Explore indexing

The resources in this section aim to help you better understand index investing, its overall benefits, the different vehicles, and how they can be effectively implemented in your clients’ portfolios.

Professional’s guide to index investing

A comprehensive guide to understanding, selecting and implementing index funds. The guide includes model portfolios and adviser case studies. 

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Weekly global commentary

Read more in our weekly market commentary.



A range of topical articles on indexing by BlackRock and iShares experts.


Conversation Starters

A brief overview of index investing.


Chart of the Week

View BlackRock’s timely chart of the week.


Investor Pulse

After speaking to more people about their finances than ever before, BlackRock has been able to gain a fascinating insight into the minds of savers and investors.


The Blog

Regular insights from leading BlackRock thinkers on the industry, retirement, markets and more.
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iShares ETF

'How can Exchange Traded Funds help me and my clients?

Under RDR and against a background of significant challenges for private investors and their advisers seeking effective solutions to their investment needs, you may want to consider Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) more closely......" iShares ETF adviser

CoRI™ - BlackRock’s Retirement Tool

If you're 55 to 74 years old, CoRI Indices can be used to get an instant estimate of the retirement income your current savings may provide.

Explore CoRI

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RDR Investment Solution

BlackRock Consensus Funds are a range of five independently risk-rated, core asset allocation-portfolios that invest in our range of index funds. Catering to a variety of risk appetites, each Fund invests to achieve desired levels of exposure to equities and bonds in accordance with its asset allocation strategy.

Retail Distribution Review (RDR) ready-made solution

We’ve developed BlackRock Consensus Funds as our core RDR-friendly solution:

  • As funds of index funds, they are easily classified from a risk-return perspective
  • Designed to suit a range of client objectives
  • Independently risk-rated*, core asset allocation portfolios, managed by experts
  • Aligned to ABI Pension Sector averages so they are comparable with broader UK market
  • Advisers can efficiently implement cost-effective client portfolios

Fund range

BlackRock Consensus Funds provide investors with access to five professionally managed and diversified investment strategies, across the risk/return spectrum.

  • BlackRock Consensus 35
    Based on the ABI Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares Pension Sector, the Fund may have up to 35% allocation to equities at any one time.
  • BlackRock Consensus 60
    Based on the ABI Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares Pension Sector, the Fund may have up to 60% allocation to equities at any one time.
  • BlackRock Consensus 70
    Based on a composite benchmark comprised of the ABI Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares Pension Sector and the ABI Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares Pension Sector, the Fund may have up to 70% allocation to equities at any one time.
  • BlackRock Consensus 85
    Based on the ABI Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares Pension Sector, the Fund may have up to 85% allocation to equities at any one time.
  • BlackRock Consensus 100
    Based on the ABI Global Equity Pension Sector, the Fund may have up to 100% allocation to equities at any one time.

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