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Our story

Investec Asset Management provides investment products and services to institutions, advisory clients and individuals. Our clients include pension funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, foundations, financial advisers and individual investors.

It all began in South Africa in 1991. We were a small start-up offering domestic strategies in an emerging market. Over two decades of growth later and we’re an international business managing approximately $114 billion* for clients based all over the world.

*As at 31.12.16

Latest content

Alastair Mundy vs Simon Brazier Head to Head | Value vs Quality

A lively discussion between two highly regarded portfolio managers, debating their contrasting investment styles.

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Investec UK Alpha Fund – explained

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Investment views

Part 1: Geo Politics

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Part 2: Valuations

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Part 3: Opportunity Risk

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Part 4: Positive Risk

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Investec Diversified Income Fund Q4 update

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Investec Multi-Asset Protector Fund Q4 update

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Investec Multi-Asset Protector Fund -Explained

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Going beyond diversification

'Defensification' is the holistic investment approach to defensive returns that we apply to the Investec Diversified Income Fund.


Viewpoint: Assessing the valuation of Quality stocks

We have seen a significant re-rating of equity markets and, in particular, of perceived quality stocks in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The P/E ratio is often used by investors as evidence of this, using consumer staples as a proxy for quality.

What lies beneath 'true' diversification?

Chapter 2 of Investec Asset Management’s Guide to Defensification see the managers behind the Investec Diversified Income Fund continue to provide insight around their approach to running this defensive return fund.


Viewpoint: Finding self-help opportunities in a low growth world

In the challenging market conditions we are currently experiencing, we believe stock selection is critical. Those companies able to grow in a low growth world, and those companies with the ability to improve performance through self-help and restructuring measures, are those most likely to succeed from here.

Focus fund update

Investec UK Alpha Fund

A core UK equity fund, it seeks outperformance of 3-5% per annum above the FTSE All-Share Index through investing in a high-conviction portfolio of attractively valued, quality businesses

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Fund commentary

Diversified Income Fund

A defensive return fund aiming to provide an attractive level of income with growth over the long term, through an actively managed defensive portfolio. It targets an attractive, sustainable yield of 4-6% p.a. with less than half the volatility of equities.*

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Fund commentary

Cautious Managed Fund

Managed using a contrarian/value approach, the Fund blends undervalued, out-of-favour equities with complementary assets, seeking to dampen volatility and provide attractive risk-adjusted returns. The Funds simple, transparent and proven approach has successfully steered it through many challenging environments.

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Fund commentary


Quality Investing

Investec’s Quality Funds seek to provide sustainable long-term outcomes for investors by investing in world leading companies with sustainable competitive advantages. Investors can access Investec’s Quality investment opportunity through UK and Global growth and income funds.
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