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Since 1931, when they launched the UK’s first unit trust, M&G have believed in offering their clients straightforward products together with clear and balanced information to help them make the right investment decisions for their clients’ needs.

Currently M&G look after over 257,000* investors and have over £281 billion** funds under management.

When you choose M&G, you are investing in a business built on conviction, which has a ‘can-do’ attitude and challenges the consensus. This approach is reflected in everything they do.

*M&G as at 07.09.17
**M&G as at 30.06.17

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Latest News

M&G Equities Market Perspective: It ain't over yet - macro trends remain supportive

In this month’s update Ritu Vohora, Investment Director, looks at what effect macroeconomic events this year could have on equities.

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M&G Equities Market Perspective

In this month’s update Ritu Vohora, Investment Director at M&G, talks about continued global equities rally on the back of positive macro data. She also takes a look back at 2017.

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Joffy’s Journal: Active vs Passive – a fresh perspective

The fifth in a series of videos looking at the change in investor behaviour over the years and how asset managers have responded, Global Head of Distribution, Jonathan (Joffy) Willcocks gives his take on the active vs. passive debate.

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BVTV: Tarrifs, trade wards and economic shockwaves

President Trump has sent shockwaves through the global business community with his decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports to the US. Will this protectionist move prove to be the catalyst for an eventual downturn in global economic growth, and what are the implications for equity and bond markets?

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Keep calm and stay invested

In this month’s update Ritu Vohora, Investment Director, examines the implications of February’s spike in market volatility. The bull market is likely still intact, but we are entering choppier waters.

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How Brexit and technology have changed the UK property landscape

After performance weakness in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum, UK property delivered a strong return in 2017. Tony Brown, CIO of M&G Real Estate, discusses where this leaves us in terms of key themes in UK property in the period ahead.

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For a quick snapshot of the equity market over the past month and our latest theme, please download our Equities market perspective note.