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Since 1931, when they launched the UK’s first unit trust, M&G have believed in offering their clients straightforward products together with clear and balanced information to help them make the right investment decisions for their clients’ needs.

Currently M&G look after over 265,000* investors and have over £264 billion** funds under management.

When you choose M&G, you are investing in a business built on conviction, which has a ‘can-do’ attitude and challenges the consensus. This approach is reflected in everything they do.

*M&G as at 02.03.17
**M&G as at 31.12.16

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Latest News

M&G Equities Market Perspective

In this month’s update Ritu Vohora, Investment Director at M&G, talks about continued global equities rally on the back of positive macro data. She also takes a look back at 2017.

The M&G Bond Vigilantes Christmas Quiz 2017

Here is the 11th annual Christmas Quiz. 20 questions, and the closing date for entries is midday on Friday 22nd December. Please email your answers to us at The winner will get glory, and in lieu of a golden trophy, M&G has donated £500 to Cancer Research UK, through CASCAID. CASCAID is the UK asset management industry’s effort to raise £2 million for this brilliant charity over the course of 2017.

BVTV: Listed infrastructure – how would the asset class respond to higher interest rates and inflation?

A number of asset classes, including listed infrastructure assets, have benefited from the global search for yield that has taken place following a collapse in short and long-term government bond yields. But what if the positive tailwinds of low interest rates and inflation start to reverse? Whilst the current consensus is that monetary policy stimulus will be removed at a very gradual pace, it is important to acknowledge that a sharp rise in inflation may see a policy response in the form of much higher interest rates. Listed infrastructure companies are generally viewed as being highly sensitive to interest rate rises given they generally carry more debt than other companies.

To discuss the impact of higher interest rates, this week on BVTV Anthony Doyle, Head of Fixed Income Business Development at M&G is joined by Fund Manager Alex Araujo for a quick-fire round of questions on listed infrastructure assets.

M&G Optimal Income Fund Update

May 2017 - In the latest M&G Optimal Income Fund update video, Richard Woolnough, Fund Manager, discusses the fund’s current position, what are the opportunities and threats he sees and what the outlook is for Fixed Income.

The opportunity for value in emerging markets

May 2017 - Value as an investment style has underperformed in emerging markets for several years. As a result, we believe there are currently opportunities for value-focused investors, particularly in economically sensitive areas. With valuations looking attractive relative to developed markets and improving company fundamentals, we are optimistic about the outlook for emerging markets.

Equities Market Perspective

May 2017 - M&A activity has begun 2017 on a positive note after falling in 2016. In this month’s update Ritu Vohora, Investment Director, considers whether the current level of activity is sustainable.

For a quick snapshot of the equity market over the past month and our latest theme, please download our Equities market perspective note.

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