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Since 1931, when they launched the UK’s first unit trust, M&G have believed in offering their clients straightforward products together with clear and balanced information to help them make the right investment decisions for their clients’ needs.

Currently M&G look after over 250,000* investors and have over £298 billion** funds under management.

When you choose M&G, you are investing in a business built on conviction, which has a ‘can-do’ attitude and challenges the consensus. This approach is reflected in everything they do.

*M&G as at 18.01.18
**M&G as at 31.12.17

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Latest News

“Unelected Power”: an interview with Paul Tucker

25 May 2018

Have central banks become “overmighty citizens”, with too much power and insufficient democratic input? If so, does it matter and what can we do about it?

In this short video, Jim Leaviss, Head of Retail Fixed Interest asks former BoE Deputy Governor, Paul Tucker about these important dilemmas and what democracies should do about this “unelected power”.

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Active versus Passive

23 May 2018

Active investing ready to make a comeback.

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BVTV: Time to add Argentina?

21 May 2018

After a significant policy error at the end of last year, Argentina has once again found itself in trouble – and back in the headlines – in recent months, suffering from dented credibility and a fast depreciating peso. This morning on BVTV, I look at whether current levels now offer a buying opportunity.

Also what’s behind EM FX market weakness, and is it actually a US dollar story, rather than one of EM woes? And, with the oil price still climbing, are Russian credit spread levels too pessimistic?

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Joffy’s Journal: the growing role of ESG in investing

10 May 2018

The sixth in a series of videos looking at the change in investor behaviour over the years and how asset managers have responded, Global Head of Distribution, Jonathan (Joffy) Willcocks reinforces the importance of ESG principles when thinking about investments.

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Equities Perspective: Earnings season – “as good as it gets”?

4 May 2018

In this month’s update Ritu Vohora, Investment Director, reflects on the Q1 earnings season. It’s been exceptional so far, as least compared to expectations. Are we at ‘peak earnings’?

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Talking Factsheets

M&G Episode Income Fund

Square Mile's Alex Farlow discusses M&G Episode Income Fund.

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M&G Global Dividend Fund

Square Mile's John Monaghan discusses M&G Global Dividend Fund.

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M&G Global Emerging Markets Fund

Square Mile's Amaya Assan discusses M&G Global Emerging Markets Fund.

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M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund

Square Mile's Amaya Assan discusses M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund.

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M&G UK Inflation Linked Corporate Bond Fund

Square Mile's Amaya Assan discusses M&G Inflation Linked Corporate Bond Fund.

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