'It’s not that we use technology, we live technology'

My top 5 lessons from last year

Yes, we’ve all heard the warnings that advisers might be replaced by robots. But the point people miss is that technology isn’t a competitor, it’s a tool. I once heard a quote by Godfrey Reggio ‘It’s not that we use technology, we live technology’ and with 20% of people now seeking advice we have to attribute this growth with the increase in the technology aids available to us. With information more readily accessible, countless new ways to reach out to clients and engage with people, my top 5 lessons are all steps towards living technology.

Know your ROI

Web marketing is no longer a guessing game as you can see real-time how well your investment is delivering. Take the time to use online tools and analytics to measure telephone calls and monitor profile performance. With trackable phone numbers and visibility on the hits to your website and profile, as well as the enquiries generated, you should be able to establish a simple ROI. And you don’t just have to rely on analytics – speak to your clients and ask them how they found you! This is the most valuable way of knowing how people are coming to you.

Grab your Clients

With all the tools available these days it simply isn’t enough to wait for a customer to come to you. Learning those moments when people need advice and not waiting for them to come to you will open you up to a whole new pool of customers. Harness the full power of digital marketing to not just tell people you’re there, but reach out, grab them and bring them in. Use the insights gained from your analytics package and from speaking to clients to understand what channels and activity work best for you to invest in.

Face to Face doesn't need to be in person

Embrace technology and use it to tailor your service to your customers’ needs, providing them with the advice they want, when they want it. Remote advice is on the up with companies reporting to increase the frequency of client contact by 150%, reduce costs by 40% and all without a reduction in the quality of advice. Offering telephony or online advice means you can attract clients from a wider radius, be more flexible with the hours you offer them advice and ultimately make your services more accessible.

Channel your inner marketer

You don’t have to have studied marketing to ‘do’ marketing. The joy of having platforms you can collaborate with are that they do the hard work for you. You can now find services that let you actively attract the kind of client you want, monitor your online performance and fine-tune it for maximum effect. By joining Unbiased we automatically expand your reach with 2.5 million customers visiting us a year. Not only this, but we provide the tools to help you choose the clients you want, increase your profile search ranking and track your performance so before you know it you have an effective marketing plan in place.


Karen Barret is CEO and Founder of unbiased.co.uk

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