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As part of our business development services for IFAs, our Top Tips act as memory joggers or checklists, reminding you of the main issues to be aware of as you plan your campaign or take stock of your business plans. Whether you're aiming to segment your client base, build an effective website or even hire staff, we have created a range of Top tips which we hope will help.

Any half decent business plan will involve regular contact with clients, whether it be face-to-face meetings, email campaigns, or even via social networking sites. This is, of course, made infinitely easier when the news you have to impart is of the good kind, and less so when everything seems to be all doom and gloom. However, we would argue that this is when communication is most important, and that all financial advisers should seek clients out despite the negative news.

Firstly, the average client will not be ignorant of developments in the industry – 24 hour news, twitter feeds and imposing headlines reporting one crisis after another are now very much a part of everyday life. As such, the days of a quick cover-up, or taking the ostrich approach, are simply no longer an option.

And as the world becomes increasingly media savvy, regular, standard information is no longer keeping the reader’s attention. Headlines need to be bigger, better and bolder if they don’t want to go the way of the News of the World. Consequently, if clients don’t have your expert hand to guide them, they’re going to think that the situation is far worse than it actually is, and are likely to reach out to anyone who can offer a reasonable explanation.

Finally, clients who feel valued will talk about you with their friends. With a bit of patience, you may find that those who have been neglected by their current advisers may come to you for advice, leading to a long-term partnership.

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