Neptune UK webcast: zombie nation?

Wednesday, 24th April 2019

Event Sponsor: Neptune Investment Management
LIVE VIDEO PANEL: is current uncertainty creating a buying opportunity for active managers or is the UK at risk of becoming a zombie nation due to flagging fundamentals?

Cherry Reynard, freelance journalist, is joined by James Dowey, Chief Economist & CIO and Mark Martin, Head of UK Equities, to discuss:

- The UK, not only in the context of Brexit uncertainty, but what the underlying fundamentals are telling us about the long-term health of the economy
- Why QE has been like a drug, keeping some companies alive, but how active management will be needed going forward to pick the right stocks, at the right price, and avoid the zombie companies
- If compelling valuations will drive M&A activity
- How Neptune is navigating the UK mid-cap market to identify the companies that can survive, and potentially thrive, through the turbulence

You can submit your questions for the panel when registering & during the live broadcast.

Event Information

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Start Time: 10:45:00
  • End Time: 11:45:00