Sanlam: The future of happiness – Invested in the Future series

Tuesday, 6th July 2021

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Before the global pandemic struck, many of us felt content amid busy social lives, nice holidays and furthering our careers. But 2020 left many of us questioning our old lives and considering where we will derive happiness from in the future having realised the importance of spending more time with our families, enjoying walks in the fresh air, and living a simpler life.

So, is there a secret to happiness? Despite all our technological advances, we have yet to fully understand what makes people happy, and how to disseminate that. With mental health issues on the rise, are people becoming less happy? As the world changes exponentially, we need to learn how to hold on to what we hold dear, and ensure our happiness remains intact as we navigate the future.

Miriam Akhtar, a leading practitioner of positive psychology talks to us about all aspects of happiness and wellbeing, and what it takes to feel good, live well and flourish.

Sanlam – The future of happiness – Invested in the Future series

As the world grapples with one of the most uncertain periods in living memory, Sanlam want to offer some much-needed clarity. Our Invested in the Future virtual event series, hosted by Samantha Simmonds from the BBC, explores a range of topical issues with some of the country’s leading thinkers, experts and social commentators.

Event Information

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Start Time: 11:00:00
  • End Time: 12:00:00