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Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) is one of the world’s leading investment managers providing institutional and individual investors with investment and advisory solutions, with strategies spanning asset classes, industries and geographies. As at 31 July 2018, GSAM employs more than 2,000 professionals across 30 offices worldwide and has more than $1 trillion in assets under supervision.

Market Insights

We think the outlook for risk asset returns has improved. Interest rates have risen, equities have sold off and the bar for growth is lower after the recent moderation. We are strategically pro-risk, but continue to emphasize a dynamic approach to investment as volatility re-emerges.
Is it time to de-risk? Why hasn’t inflation picked up? What tech trends are emerging from Silicon Valley? Visit GSAM Viewpoints as we discuss the themes impacting today’s global markets.

Educational Insights

Quant investing doesn’t have to be a black box. Behind the algorithms and computers are people researching and testing fundamentally based, economically motivated signals that drive our investment strategies. Quantinomics gives a behind-the-scenes look into how we leverage technology and apply human judgement to make data-driven investment decisions.
People often think about investing in terms of where they need to go but not necessarily how they get there. We think this exposes investors to a range of risks along the way. Multi-asset portfolios enable investors to spread the risk they take and can be an effective way of maintaining and building wealth over the long term.
Actionable solutions for financial advisers and institutions to strengthen their business.
Big Data is transforming our lives. Uncover its potential.

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