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Merian Global Investors

Merian Global Investors is a diversified global asset management firm with world-class investment expertise across virtually all major asset classes, in addition to highly-regarded capabilities in a number of specialist strategies. Our core investment capabilities, all of which are active, include equity, fixed income and a range of alternative strategies.

While our name may suggest we are a relative newcomer, our roots in fact go back many years.

The company as it is now known was formed in June 2018 when its management team, together with funds operated by the global growth private equity firm, TA Associates, acquired the “single-strategy” investment capabilities of Old Mutual Global Investors.

As an independent firm, we are committed to continuing to build a successful, specialised asset management business. Central to the future of our business is a belief that our clients appreciate the value of active investment management when it delivers what they reasonably expect.

Our strategy is to seek to attract and retain talented investment professionals, who are experts in their particular fields, and to provide them with the operational, risk management and distribution environment and support they need in order to thrive, yet without encumbering them with a blunt “house view” imposed by a chief investment officer.

Funds in Focus

At times of market volatility, the benefits of diversification become all the more clear. The Merian Global Dynamic Allocation Fund invests directly, rather than through other funds, across four diverse asset classes: equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

Unlike traditional global asset allocation funds, which are often constrained, the Merian Global Dynamic Allocation Fund is flexible. It can adjust its allocation to equities, typically between 80% and 20%, and is not constrained by narrow asset allocation bands.

Unlike many of its peers, the process of the Merian Global Dynamic Allocation Fund is evidence-driven, transparent, and systematic, with the final say going to its highly experienced managers.
The fund offers a unique investment strategy, providing actively managed exposures to gold, silver and shares in mining companies engaged in extracting the two metals in a format that is not available through an ETF. Exposures between gold, silver and mining shares are actively adapted according to the prevailing economic and market conditions.

Explore the Merian Gold & Silver Fund in more detail, and discover why we believe now might be an opportune time to consider an allocation to the fund as part of a balanced portfolio.

Latest Insights

Ned Naylor-Leyland, manager of the Merian Gold & Silver Fund, talks to Darius McDermott about the prospects for gold and why now is a particularly exciting time for silver investors.
With an emphasis on sustainable, high-quality economic expansion as policymakers encourage innovation and efficiency, Vincent Che, portfolio manager of the Merian China Equity Fund, discusses why he believes international investors should consider China as a standalone allocation.
Lloyd Harris, manager of the Merian Corporate Bond Fund, sounds a warning about the dangers of over-allocation to overcrowded segments of the investment-grade bond market.
Anyone who’s been watching financial markets over the course of the last few months will have been aware of the huge rally in developed market yields over that period, driven by concerns over the global economy and political headwinds. Against this backdrop, Huw Davies, investment director, fixed income, asks whether developed market bond yields have rallied too far, or if emerging market debt yields are cheap.

Latest Videos

From Brexit to the coronavirus pandemic – but what next? Richard Buxton and Dan Nickols, discuss the unfolding situation, exploring the implications for UK equity investors across the market capitalisation spectrum.
Investors have been faced by the challenges of the coronavirus and associated oil price war. Delphine Arrighi reflects on the form an expected recovery might take.
John has seen his fair share of periods of elevated market volatility. Watch this special episode of Market Minutes to hear John’s take on the unfolding coronavirus pandemic.
The third episode of the new Market Minutes from Merian Global Investors, providing regular updates from the global asset allocation team, led by John Ricciardi. John updates us on the effect of the coronavirus shock on the outlook for economic growth.
Want to find out what our global asset allocation team’s analysis of macro data is telling us about potential future investment outcomes? Tune in for the first of our regular updates to find out.

Talking Factsheets

Square Mile’s John Monaghan discusses the Merian UK Smaller Companies Fund.
Square Mile’s John Monaghan discusses the Merian UK Mid Cap Fund.
Square Mile’s John Monaghan discusses the Merian UK Alpha Fund.
Square Mile’s Andrew Johnston discusses the Merian North American Equity Fund.

Important information

Please remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investment involves risk. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Exchange rate changes may cause the value of overseas investments to rise or fall.

This communication is issued by Merian Global Investors (UK) Limited (“Merian Global Investors”), Millennium Bridge House, 2 Lambeth Hill, London, United Kingdom, EC4P 4WR. OMGI is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Merian Global Investors is registered in England and Wales (number: 02949554) and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 171847). MGI 04/19/0110

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