Protect your business
  • The 12 security-related questions firms should be asking their platform partner
    FundsNetwork have created a checklist to help your due diligence around keeping your clients' data and assets safe.
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  • 10 steps to protect your business from a cyber attack
    Easy and effective ways to reduce your firm’s exposure to cyber attacks based on guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre.
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  • Do your passwords pass the password test?
    Passwords are an obvious way to prevent unauthorised access, although they need to be strong, robust and, ideally, unique to be effective. To encourage password best practice within advice firms, FundsNetwork have highlighted some important tips.

  • Email hacking customer stories
    To highlight how criminals can operate, FundsNetwork have detailed two customer stories. These are fictitious accounts but closely resemble actual fraud cases.
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  • Top six ways to spot a phishing attack
    Phishing is an attempt to gather personal information or to compromise technology for the purpose of financial gain or malicious activities. Every day millions of phishing emails are sent out to unsuspecting victims all over the world. Here are some tips on how to detect them.
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