Fidelity International: Outlook 2021 - Seizing the new reality

Tuesday, 8th December 2020

Event Sponsor: Fidelity International
2020 has been a year like no other. Covid-19 upended the global economy and led to the fastest bear market in history - before an unprecedented policy response drove a remarkable recovery in financial markets.
But for large parts of the world, significant challenges remain and the road to recovery will be closely tied to the virus trajectory, a vaccine timeline and the ability of fiscal tools to pick-up the baton from monetary policy to revive flagging economies.
So how should investors think about approaching 2021? While downside economic and political risks remain very much evident, an uneven recovery across and within regions and sectors will also create opportunities for those that are able to seize the new reality.
Join Fidelity’s Global CIOs across asset classes as they take stock of the year that was 2020 and debate the big investment themes that will drive returns across markets in the year ahead.


Key takeaways

- Understand the economic and political outlook for the world’s major markets and the investment implications across asset classes.

- Discover how market leadership could evolve in 2021 and in particular which sectors could stage a recovery and which will remain under pressure.

- Recognise why a focus on resilience and sustainability could help navigate a range of different economic and market scenarios.

Event Information

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Start Time: 09:00:00
  • End Time: 10:00:00