Business Management Toolkit

Today’s advisers are shooting at an open goal. Many more people need advice around fees and funding than advisers have the capacity to accommodate, and demand continues to grow. Efficient practice management can be the key to unlocking more capacity, allowing advisers to meet rising demand and make professional development without compromising service levels. We aim to help financial professionals through our business management toolkit to acquire ideal clients, and increase their revenue, through proven value added processes and strategic practice management processes.

The main issues that might be concerning you as a financial advisor may be uncertainty of new clients in relation to the changed financial landscape, increased competition from other advisors and the wealth decumulation of some of your older clients due to having children.

Within your business management, you may also be facing problems in relation to the expectations of your clients. Expectations management is a socially-oriented psychological problem that requires empathy, communication, and education. Clients may not have the knowledge or experience that their advisor has, and each client's emotions regarding portfolio adjustments are unique. Financial advisors must realise that their viewpoint differs from their clients', and it is up to them to bridge the gap.

We can help today's financial advisers improve their client engagement, reduce costs and time for advice and how to make the onboarding and advisory process more efficient for your clients and yourself. We aim to rectify your problems by focusing on your management of clients, regulatory bodies, economic conditions, political factors and your taxes.

Our business management section draws together Fidelity Adviser Solutions' latest thinking and research on the challenges facing advisory practices. Use our business management tool kit and IFA Videos today to ensure you are getting the most out of your service.

Client Management

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