The Week

The Week: Markets celebrate better news on inflation 

As inflation prints drop, is it go-go-go on rate cuts? Markets seem to think so.

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Market view: Four indicators that demonstrate the contrarian UK stock market opportunity

If it pays to be greedy when others are fearful, then now may be time to consider increasing exposure to UK shares, says Schroders.

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Fixed income investors weigh inflationary impacts

BNY Mellon asks: can a strategic approach drive fixed income advantage?

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Pensions – still the first port of call for retirement savings

Fidelity’s Paul Squirrell, Head of Retirement and Savings Development, illustrates why pensions are still the starting point for clients saving for their retirement.

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The dividend pay-off

Fidelity’s Aditya Shivram examines the data behind his belief that a focus on dividends is just as important as capital appreciation, and why it could lead to more sustainable and lower volat...

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Asia’s changing income story

Newton portfolio manager Zoe Kan assesses a shifting investment landscape in Asia – one that looks towards a more income-oriented approach to the region.

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