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Premier Miton Investors

Premier Miton Investors is a genuinely active investment manager offering a range of different investment solutions, covering equity, fixed income, multi asset and absolute return investment strategies. Our specialist investment teams are empowered to employ their own proven and distinctive investment approaches with the aim of delivering good outcomes for our clients. We believe in the importance of acting responsibly, which includes our approach to investing, managing the environmental impact of our operations, our community and our approach to the Premier Miton team, including diversity and inclusion, wellbeing and personal development.

The value of investments may fluctuate which will cause the value of a portfolio to fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the original amount invested. The content is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a recommendation for investment purposes or investment advice. The information contained and opinions expressed are based on our current understanding and are subject to change. Premier Miton is unable to provide investment, taxation, or financial planning advice.


Insights and opinion

Premier Miton’s Anthony Rayner discusses how confirmation bias affects stock markets and how they try to avoid this when making investment decisions, read the latest Perspectives.
Neil Birrell, Premier Miton’s Chief Investment Officer and manager of the Premier Miton Diversified Fund range, discusses what he believes is unavoidable in markets and also looks at the impact of currency on managing funds and current events in the UK.
Premier Miton’s David Jane considers what it may mean if the narrative changes from one about inflation to one about shrinking economies and disinflation, read the latest Perspectives.
Premier Miton’s Anthony Rayner looks at the correlation between higher food and energy prices and political risk.
Premier Miton’s, David Jane, discusses the potential knock-on effect of the crypto crash on wider markets.
H1 2022 saw material losses in financial markets, which has challenged the static 60/40 equity/bond approach to portfolio construction. Premier Miton’s, Anthony Rayner, discusses his expectations for the rest of 2022.
Earlier this year most commentators suggested inflation would peak in Q2 and then fall, while growth would remain strong. Premier Miton’s David Jane discusses why he is cautious on the outlook for inflation.


Connect is Premier Miton Investors’ no-cost online service, enabling advisers to manage their clients’ investments in our range of funds. Standard fund fees apply.

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