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Fidelity International has been offering world class investment solutions for more than 50 years that help you build better futures for your clients. We look to partner for the long-term and work closely with clients to stay in tune with their needs and changing market dynamics, always willing to share our skill, experience and knowledge to help them best achieve their desired investment outcomes.


Fidelity Global Dividend Fund portfolio manager Dan Roberts sets out the case for focusing on quality and sustainable businesses in 2021 to produce resilient and growing income streams. He also discusses how his three key building blocks of returns - dividend yield, dividend growth and valuations - are likely to shape up in the year ahead.
Consumer behaviour patterns are shifting online globally and nowhere is this more pervasive than in China. Hyomi Jie, portfolio manager of the Fidelity China Consumer Fund, discusses how the digitisation of consumption trends is creating new opportunities and outlines the trends to watch out for in 2021.
The opening days of the new year have already seen some significant events on the political front, both at home and overseas. Keep up-to-date with our latest views on the Brexit agreement and the US Senate results as our Global Macro Team discuss the key implications from both an economic policy and investment perspective.

Latest events

Stay informed of our latest views on the outlook for global markets and the key factors and themes that are influencing our portfolio positioning.

Latest market outlook

Discover the latest thinking from our investment team as our CIOs and portfolio managers discuss the big factors and themes that will drive returns across the world’s major asset classes in 2021.

Funds in focus

Journey into Asia’s evolving investment landscape as we look beyond the local powerhouse brands to reveal where Asia’s next generation of winners are emerging.
Providing your clients with the choice, flexibility and confidence that their investment needs are being met in a consistent fashion.
With a more uncertain outlook for valuations and growth, the Fidelity Global Dividend Fund aims to deliver an attractive dividend-based total return with an emphasis on capital preservation.
Our active, research-driven investment process underpins a range of solutions which could meet your fixed income needs across the risk spectrum.

Important information

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and clients may get back less than they invest. Funds that use financial derivative instruments for investment purposes may expose capital to a higher degree of risk and can cause investments to experience larger than average price fluctuations. The value of invest in overseas markets can be affected by changes in currency exchange rates. The price of bonds is influenced by movements in interest rates, changes in the credit rating of bond issuers, and other factors such as inflation and market dynamics. In general, as interest rates rise the price of a bond will fall. The risk of default is based on the issuer's ability to make interest payments and to repay the loan at maturity. Default risk may, therefore, vary between different government issuers as well as between different corporate issuers. Please note that Fidelity only gives information on products and services and does not give investment advice. Investments in Fidelity funds should be made on the basis of the current prospectus, which is available along with the Key Investor Information Document (Key Features Document for Investment Trusts), current annual and semi-annual reports free of charge on request by calling 0800 368 1732. Issued by Financial Administration Services Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Fidelity, Fidelity International, their logos and F symbol are trademarks of FIL Limited.UKM0918/22534/SSO/0219

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