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Founded in 1804, Schroders is one of Europe’s largest independent investment management firms by assets under management. Our purpose is to provide excellent investment performance to clients through active management. The business channels capital into sustainable and durable businesses to accelerate positive change in the world. Schroders’ business philosophy is based on the belief that if we deliver for clients, we deliver for Shareholders and other stakeholders.

Schroder Investment Solutions offers a series of award-winning low-cost and risk mapped model portfolios and multi-asset funds.* Our solutions range is designed to help you deliver a breadth of good value solutions that meet your clients’ investment needs.

Delivering appropriate client outcomes is at the heart of everything we all do. We’ve supported financial advisers for over a decade to help deliver the outcomes their clients are seeking and we manage £5 billion (as at 31.03.2023) across our range of solutions.

*Schroder Investment Solutions was named Best Model Portfolio Service at the Professional Adviser Awards 2022 and 2023. Issued by Schroder Investment Management Limited. Registration No 1893220 England. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For regular Schroder Investment Solutions updates by e-mail please register here.

Latest Insights

The ‘Seven Sins’” of fund management.

The extraterrestrial hunt for commodities – Schroders discusses the race for commodities, supply chain issues and tensions in space. 

Savings rates have trebled in 12 months, and UK savers can earn over 5% on deposits. So doesn’t it make sense to cut risk and stick to the safety of cash?

Should advising female clients be a key strategy for 2023? Research suggests that by 2025, women will own 60% of UK wealth, but 70% of women will change their adviser within a year of their partner dying.

What it means for strategic asset allocation – Schroders assesses whether historic approaches to portfolio construction should be reconsidered. 


Practical Guides - Sustainable Investing

Our guide covers the key things you should know about sustainable investing, including how to identify your clients’ preferences.
Reaching Net Zero, or even getting close to it, is a massive undertaking. We all have an active role to play both as individuals and as investors. Our guide is focused on what Net Zero means for you, as a financial adviser, and for your clients.
Sustainability, once a fringe consideration, has become core for many investors. We’ve put together an A-Z of key terms for you and your clients to dip into.
Sponsored by Schroders, the Lang Cat’s new ESG guide covers the five big themes facing advisers: clarity, demand, conflict, gravity and influence.

Investment Trusts

Investment trusts are fast-becoming a popular choice among those looking to take advantage of a trust’s distinct investment powers.


At the heart of investIQ is a short test developed by behavioural scientists that will help your clients understand their investment personalities. In less than 8 minutes, they will get a detailed report outlining which behavioural traits influence them the most, and how best to deal with these traits.

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