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Capital Group

A global investment manager, we've helped investors succeed by remaining true to our values and approach. They include a distinctive way of managing money, an emphasis on research, a long-term view and a recognition of the power of relationships. The Capital System combines independent, high-conviction decision-making with the diversity that comes from multiple perspectives. It has delivered consistent, long-term results that help clients pursue their goals. We have been helping people to achieve their financial goals since 1931.

Latest Insights

Will European consumers be interested in buying Chinese EVs, and will China’s automakers slash prices to grab market share?

Capital Group’s analysis shows that investors would be well served by diversifying into stocks once interest rates peak.

The time-honoured relationship between stocks and bonds has broken down over recent years, but there are encouraging signs of its eventual return.

The knowledge economy, or digital trade, is gaining momentum, and this is giving rise to a new breed of idea-driven global giants. 

Capital Group shares why they believe in the value of fixed income in portfolios, and how bonds should be viewed in this different world.



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