Sanlam: The future of healthcare – Invested in the Future series

Thursday, 3rd June 2021

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Within weeks of covid-19 enforcing social distancing, we were able to book GP appointments online and conduct health consultations over our mobile phone. And within a year we had a suite of approved vaccines - a process that normally takes years, not months. These changes reflect a burgeoning revolution in healthcare. We explain why this is just the beginning.

Yet despite these rapid advancements, at the centre of the crisis was the fragility of our hospitals, which ultimately led to national lockdowns and economic hardship. As wards were turned over to covid patients, others were left waiting for life saving treatment.

How can healthcare technology be used to prevent this from happening again while also improving patient outcomes, caring for our ageing population, eradicating the threat of disease, and taking pressure off our creaking healthcare system? Will using home-based diagnostic scanning devices like phones and iPads become common-place, and can science enable faster diagnosis and personalised treatments that are more effective with fewer side effects? Check out this unmissable interview with Rosemary Leonard, practising GP, resident doctor on BBC Breakfast and well-known healthcare journalist.

Sanlam – The future of healthcare – Invested in the Future series

As the world grapples with one of the most uncertain periods in living memory, Sanlam want to offer some much-needed clarity. Our Invested in the Future virtual event series, hosted by Samantha Simmonds from the BBC, explores a range of topical issues with some of the country’s leading thinkers, experts and social commentators.

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