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Financial adviser education is a vital element in the career path for those providing essential financial services to businesses and consumers. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) emphasises education for financial advisers in its instructions on Professional standards: advisers.

As of January 2016, the FCA stated that advisers must:

  • hold a Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) issued by an accredited body
  • hold an appropriate qualification (as set out in our Training and Competence (TC) Sourcebook, specifically TC Appendix 4)
  • make sure you are clear about and continue to meet the ethical requirements set out in APER, which you must comply with as an approved person
  • recognise that the FCA and the body that issues your SPS will hold you to account for these requirements

Financial advisers have a tremendously important role to play in building the financial security and prosperity of their clients and education for financial advisers is essential for keeping abreast of complex and ever-changing financial markets and investment opportunities.

Market Positioning

Financial advisers not only have to operate to the highest professional standards but must also be seen to do so. An important aspect of continuous financial adviser education therefore relates to how to market your business to your target audiences.

Adviser-Hub’s Marketing Support provides an invaluable range of information and marketing tools for financial advisers to present, position and promote their business and allow their expertise to shine.

This resource is complemented by comprehensive business support, an extensive calendar of events and other online services – all designed to assist financial advisers to be well-informed, to communicate their professionalism and to gain valuable contacts within the industry.

Adviser-Hub is determined to help our users to develop their business potential fully while retaining and building their client base. At all times we aim to provide not only the best possible education for financial advisers but also the means to transform the information learned into business success.

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