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Aviva Investors is the global asset manager who chooses the power of integration.

With £337bn assets under management across fixed income, equities, real assets and multi-assets spanning 14 countries (as at 31 March 2019), we integrate our whole business around our clients to deliver the outcomes that matter most, now and over the long run.

Bringing it all together for today’s investor.

Funds in focus

Our Multi-asset Fund range has been specifically designed to support your business and your clients. It contains five risk-managed funds, globally diversified with the aim of delivering consistent client outcomes.
Earning sufficient income without taking an unacceptable amount of risk can seem a daunting prospect. Not least in a world where interest and annuity rates and bond yields are near record lows. However, the potential for reliable income streams and capital appreciation offered by investing in real estate assets could be one solution to this dilemma.
A static fixed income allocation has little chance of out performing in all market conditions. Our Strategic Bond Fund seeks to solve this problem by offering a comprehensive total-return solution, utilising a flexible long-term approach across global fixed income markets.


AIQ is a digital and print publication that brings together the collective insight of Aviva Investors' teams from across the globe on the key themes influencing investment markets.

In this issue, we explore some of the most critical themes in the world of ESG. Our cover story focuses on the biggest question for investors: can you do well out of doing good? We also assess the concept of star culture in the corporate world; where chief executives achieve demigod status and enjoy the rewards to match. Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors, explains why engagement can be a much more powerful driver for change than divestment; we look at what the UK infrastructure industry needs to do to restore trust; and whether GDP is still a relevant measure of growth

Elsewhere, we take our crystal ball to assess what the legacy of Trumpism will be in the US and globally, including the environmental impact of his presidency. We explore whether the US and rival superpower China are heading towards an all-out currency war; we also consider whether fake news has implications for financial markets beyond short-term movements. Much has been written on the UK’s post-Brexit future; but the European Union has its own issues to address if it is to achieve closer integration among member states. We put the questions to Cambridge University professor Helen Thompson, a respected voice on the topic.

Our House View

The Aviva Investors House View document is a comprehensive compilation of views and analysis from the major investment teams. The document is produced quarterly by Aviva Investors investment professionals and is overseen by the Investment Strategy team. Each quarter we hold a House View Forum at which the main issues and arguments are introduced, discussed and debated. The process by which the House View is constructed is a collaborative one – everyone will be aware of the main themes and key aspects of the outlook. Everyone has the right to challenge and all are encouraged to do so. The aim is to ensure that all contributors are fully aware of the thoughts of everyone else and that a broad consensus can be reached across the teams on the main aspects of the report.

Featured insights

The ultra-long lifespan of plastics is proving an ecological challenge. As consumers become alarmed at the environmental contamination caused by synthetic organic polymers, we look at the alternatives and the role of investors in pushing for change.
Aviva Investors analysts Souad Cherfouh and Vivienne Bolla discuss the outlook for European real estate.
Steve Waygood explains how insurers, policymakers and regulators can work together to manage the risks associated with climate change and encourage sustainable investment.

Important information

The value of an investment and any income from it may go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the original amount invested.
Unless stated otherwise, any sources and opinions expressed are those of Aviva Investors Global Services Limited (Aviva Investors). These materials are not an investment recommendation and should not be viewed as such. They should not be viewed as indicating any guarantee of return from an investment managed by Aviva Investors nor as advice of any nature. Past performance is not a guide to future returns. For the funds referred to on this hub, Investors’ attention is drawn to the specific risk factors set out in the key investor information document (“KIID”) and Prospectus. Investors should read these in full before investing. See our website for further information:

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