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Cherry Reynard offers a series of business briefings, looking at some of the key ways advisers can improve their business proposition, whether through generating referrals, making effective use of social media or building professional connections.

Protection Review

Kevin Carr, chief executive of Protection Review and managing director of Carr Consulting and Communications, offers his guide to the world of protection, with a particular emphasis on how advisers can help their clients to obtain the most appropriate help from the sector:

  • Don't let the rabbit win: That there are more rabbits covered by pet insurance in the UK than people with income protection is just one of a number of figures revealing the scale of the task facing the protection industry if it wants to raise it public standing.
  • Life's rich pageant: A look at the pros and cons of 10 different types of life protection
  • Another world: A run-down of 10 unlikely protection sales aids
  • Claims to fame: How to make the best use of claims statistics
  • A new era for protection? The launch of a new kind of insurance product
  • Underpinning everything else: 10 things to think about when recommending income protection

More from Kevin Carr:

  • Winning ways: Putting together a successful award entry may be time-consuming but it can bring many benefit for a business. Here are 10 tips for writing award entries.

Building Business

A regulatory framework for the digital era?

Despite GDPR now a reality, many UK businesses still have their head stuck in the sand rather than face the reality. Paul Holland, CEO of cyber security innovator Beyond Encryption, considers how GDPR will change the way we do business, and what financial advisers can do to make sure they’re compliant.

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Simply Better Business

In the latest Simply better biz column, Update on Equity Release qualification and permission, Mark Greenwood, Group Regulatory Policy Manager at The SimplyBiz Group, discusses the FCA’s decision not to change the rules around equity release advice.

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Communication is Key

Goldman Sachs' Brendan McCurdy argues that in turbulent times, communication is key and highlights four key elements of an effective outreach plan.

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