Fidelity International: Unpicking Money Market Funds

Tuesday, 21st November 2023

Event Sponsor: Fidelity International
With interest rates at their highest levels in over two decades, for the first time in a long while, investors in cash have been able to enjoy both attractive yields and positive total returns. As a result, money market funds (MMFs) have grown in popularity. However, not all cash funds are created equal.

In this webinar on Tuesday 21st November at 10am, Senior Fixed Income Investment Specialist, Izzi Halewood will highlight some of the important considerations when researching MMFs and briefly outline Fidelity’s money market offering with a focus on the key features of the Fidelity Cash Fund (OEIC). Time will be set aside for Q&A at the end.

Izzi joined Fidelity in 2017 and is a Senior Investment Specialist in the Fixed Income Team where she has primary responsibility for our Retail Money Market funds and the Institutional Liquidity funds.

The Fidelity Cash Fund is a conservatively managed GBP denominated money market fund with three core objectives - capital preservation, liqudity (T+1 settlement) and yield generation. More details regarding the fund can be found on our website here: Fidelity Cash Fund.

This event offers 45 minutes of CISI endorsed structured CPD.

Event Information

  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Start Time: 10:00:00
  • End Time: 10:45:00