Hub News magazine #46 Summer 2020


Our last issue of Hub News came out in March, when many were still hoping that the pandemic would be short-lived and its impact minimal. That has proved optimistic to say the least. We are still weighing the economic fallout from the crisis four months later and there remains little clarity on the ultimate price for Covid-19.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting trends emerging. It has notably accelerated the adoption of e-commerce, the digital transformation and perhaps most surprisingly, the energy transition. Usually, the green agenda falls by the wayside at times of economic crises. This time, green issues have been front and centre of government plans to ‘build back better’. It shows how far the agenda has moved in just a few years.

In this month’s Hub News, our contributors explore these issues in greater depth. Ninety-One looks at why sustainability will be key in a post-Covid world, with companies needing to look at their E, S and G to thrive. Square Mile discusses its ESG research process, while five Schroders fund managers talk about the main ways they expect Covid-19 to change the way we live and work.

It is clear that big government is back and with it, chunky deficits and low government bond yields. A number of our contributors also address the income dilemma and potential solutions – AXA Investment Managers discusses high yield bonds, while Jupiter’s Jason Pidcock discusses Asian Income.

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