Hub News magazine #47 Autumn 2020


If investors had hoped for a short, sharp impact from Covid-19, followed by a return to business as usual, they will have been sadly disappointed. The virus has proved stubbornly resistant to all the efforts employed to contain it, with economies bearing the brunt of ongoing lockdown measures and the future still uncertain.

We can now add a number of other uncertainties into the mix: the US election looks set to be hotly contested with the candidates tightly drawn in key swing states. For UK investors we must add in Brexit. While there appears to have been some thawing of tensions in recent weeks, there is still a mountain to climb before the October deadline.

Markets, however, seem optimistic that these problems can be weathered. Since the March lows they have raced ahead apparently untroubled by any looming crises. Many believe this has left them vulnerable, particularly in highly valued areas such as the FAAMGs. These have started to wobble of late.

Advisers have got their clients through these types of problem before and, invariably, will do so again. Keeping people invested and able to participate in the recovery has been vital in preserving long-term wealth and shows the value of advice. In this month’s issue, our partners and sponsors give you insights and ideas to help you navigate the path ahead.

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