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Square Mile Research

Square Mile Research

Square Mile is an independent investment research business that focuses first and foremost on in depth, qualitative fund research. We focus on identifying “best-in-class” funds and gaining the fullest possible knowledge and understanding of those funds. Rather than just explaining what a fund does and how it is constructed, we seek to understand how a fund behaves, whether it will consistently deliver on its objectives, and whether it represents good value for investors.

Free research and insights

Visit Square Mile’s free-to-access Academy of Funds to access our latest research and opinion across over 300 funds, including our newly launched Fund Dashboard

Adviser insights

Jason Broomer, Investment Director shares his latest market insights

Talking Factsheet

This is an attractive long-term option for investors seeking exposure to the Asian region.

Talking with...

Jackie Boylan, Head of FundsNetwork, Fidelity International
Chris St John, Fund Manager, AXA Investment Managers

Our Services

Risk-targeted portfolios constructed to achieve specific outcomes

Consistent with advisers' risks grading tools

Operate across a range of administrative platforms
Consultancy service bespoke to each client

Drawing from our knowledge bank of 17 independent researchers

We can design and review recommended fund panels
Sub-advisory support for authorised investment managers on their investment process

Strategic asset allocation through to portfolio construction, fund selection and blending

Tailored service for support on all or part of the investment process

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