Financial advisor news magazine

Hub News provides up-to-date news and views for financial advisers, with expert opinions and analysis from leading opinion formers in the industry. As an online financial magazine, Hub News is continually updated with fresh new content designed to support advisers and meet their needs.

  • Each issue of Hub News will concentrate on a specific and topical theme that our expert contributors will explore from their own perspective
  • Advisers can find complementary information, including articles, papers, and video presentations, on the Adviser-Hub website
  • Adviser-Hub also offers a unique onsite Newsletter Builder that allows our members to produce and populate their own customised magazines and newsletters

Complementary onsite information

There is a broad range of articles, papers and video presentations from expert spokespeople on the Adviser-Hub website covering financial adviser news and market information.

We also provide a unique onsite Newsletter Builder for our members to produce their own customised and personally branded finance and investment adviser magazines.

This facility provides high quality expert articles and a variety of templates for financial advisers to publish material precisely suited to their business and client base.

Editorial themes

In promoting its goal to provide the latest market insights for financial advisers, each issue of Hub News tends to focus on a specific theme that each contributor will look at from a different perspective.

The specific subject covered in each edition will be of current interest and importance within the financial markets. The Editorial Director’s introduction supplies a useful summary on both the articles contributed and the expert qualifications of contributors, so that readers can easily access the topics that most interest them.

As an online financial adviser magazine, Hub News performs a valuable role in bringing regular updates on how experts analyse developments in the financial markets, supported by the highest quality statistical research. This is how, as a financial adviser magazine, we aim to ensure that our market insights for financial advisers can have a real and positive impact on every member’s business.