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Why BlackRock for Asia

BlackRock provides a range of broad and regional equity strategies managed with both fundamental and systematic approaches.

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Keeping calm and staying invested

Recent years have been dominated by drastic political and economic headlines. With a number of risk events on the horizon, investors may be feeling nervous. We explore why you keeping calm and staying invested could be the best approach.

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Square Mile Report: PruFund Range

Savers have long sought the holy grail of investment; that is a return which is ahead of cash but with little or no risk to capital. Of course, no such investment exists, however the PruFund range go some way to this ideal.

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What are megatrends?

Megatrends – powerful, transformative forces that could change the global economy, business and society – have been changing the way we live for centuries. 

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Valuation and its role in investing

It’s hard to have a conversation on the US markets these days without being drawn to a debate on value versus growth.

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Five myths about investing in China


Foreign investors hold surprisingly few Chinese equities given the fact that it is the second biggest stock market and third biggest bond market globally.

Some investors have been held back by views that may be either misguided or outdated.

That means it is a good time to re-examine the case for investing in China.

Here are five commonly-held myths about the investment landscape. Read on to find out why the perceived realities are often far from the truth.

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BlackRock Market Outlook

BlackRock's regular analysis of global market movements and investment trends.

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Square Mile Brexit Survey

Ahead of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, Square Mile are reviewing UK equity options in our Managed Portfolio Service and considering funds sensitivity to the potential outcomes.

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BVTV: 10 years after Lehman, still holding on?

Last Saturday marked exactly 10 years since Lehman Brothers went bust. Are we still suffering the consequences of the Global Financial Crisis that followed?

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Voice and exit: using engagement as a force for change

Investors often come under pressure to divest from companies. But engagement can be a more effective way to bring about positive change, argues Steve Waygood.

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