5 articles to reassure your clients

During periods of market instability and uncertainty, supporting your clients is likely to be your number-one priority. And timely communication can make all the difference when easing their concerns.

With this in mind, Adviser-Hub has created five FREE articles to help you to reassure your clients and boost their confidence. From top tips on dealing with volatile markets to delving into the reasons behind investors’ behaviour, we can help to support you while you support your clients.

  1. When uncertainty strikes - financial markets often respond with a period of volatility. At these times, it’s important to keep your head and focus on the facts.
  2. Weathering market storms – there’s no doubt that periods of market volatility can be very unsettling for investors – but a long-term view helps to provide some perspective.
  3. Following the herd – everyone makes mistakes, but in investment, errors can be expensive. What are the most obvious hazards?
  4. Irrational behaviour – investors can be strange creatures. We wait until the market has risen before we are willing to buy. We sell when the market has plunged. Why do we behave irrationally?
  5. The benefit of hindsight – history shows different asset classes and industry sectors perform well or poorly at different times – so what’s the best long-term strategy?

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